We have been studying judicial precedents on intellectual properties. The reflection of our study resulted in publishing "Patent Practice Manual based on Judicial Precedents" in 1990, and we have revised it four times by 2012. Now its 5th edition is available. In 2021, we partly revised the previous book and published "Patenting Tactics based on Court Precedents." We have applied such a study result to our practice and achieved high granting rate.

Patent Practice Manual based on Judicial Precedents - Fifth Edition -
Author: Yasunobu Yamauchi

  This book is the "fifth edition" revised based on the Patent Act amended in 2008 and 2011. Approximately 300 judicial precedents of patent lawsuits are cited to describe the patent practice in detail.
  Since the first edition published in 1990, the book has been revised several times to be acclaimed as a practical guidebook by many patent firms and intellectual property management departments in companies.

Patenting Tactics based on Court Precedents
Co-Authors: Yasunobu Yamauchi, Sin Yamauchi

  This is our latest practical book published in 2021. To obtain a strong patent, skills, such as communication skills for communicating with inventors to understand inventions and negotiating skills for making patent examiners find patentability, are necessary.
  In the world of patent practice, empirical knowledge of others is shown in their court precedents. The court precedents indeed teach us many things. It is best to learn them. This book is a beneficial tool to gain many more empirical knowledge.