Business Scope

Acquisition of rights

  • ・ Acquisition of patent rights, design rights, and trademark rights in Japan
  • ・ Acquisition of patent rights, design rights, and trademark rights abroad

Utilization of Rights

  • ・ Mediation and representation for assignment of rights, licensing, etc.
  • ・ Settlement of disputes (expert opinions, interpretation, arbitration, and trials)


  • ・ IP management
  • ・ Advice on license agreements, joint development contracts, employee invention regulations, etc.
  • ・ Development support
  • ・ IP landscape
  • ・ Branding

Technical Fields

  • ・ Machines in general, mechatronics, hydraulic and pneumatic technologies, ironworks equipment, construction machines, metal refinery, and information processing
  • ・ Military technology in machinery (weapon, munition, vehicle, tank, ship, airplane, missile, etc.)

Interview Examination with Japan Patent Office

   As you can see on the map below, the Japan Patent Office is in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, and our firm is in Takamatsu-city in Kagawa-prefecture, 70 minutes flight from Tokyo. Takamatsu-city is a beautiful provincial city facing the Seto Inland Sea and famous for its international art festival.
   For the Interview Examination with the patent office, we can visit the patent office in approximately two hours when we have an interview face-to-face, and we can also use the online meeting without traveling to Tokyo. In recent years, we have many interviews online, so it is very convenient.